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Welcome to a journey into our future.

You may well ask!

Being born way back in the 1950’s you may think what the hell is this bloke doing promoting new technology? Good question.
When I was just starting school, I’ll always remember that my teacher at the time said that one day we will have many labour-saving appliances and we will have lots of leisure time.

My day started at around 5.30 am I was required to prepare the stove for the day. This included chopping the kindling, cleaning out yesterday’s ashes, making the fire and lighting it.

If we were having, say a chicken dinner we would have chosen a chook (chicken) the previous day, chased and caught it, decapitated it, plucked and gutted it. Come cooking day, mum would make the stuffing from scratch, prep the vegetables and at the right time put the meal in the lovely hot oven prepared by yours truly earlier.

Today we have instant roast chicken, just zip down to the supermarket in your way flasher car, and maybe even buy some ready cooked veggies and viola meal done. Do we have more leisure time? I think it high time that we move to that semi utopia that was promised way back then.


Robots, AI and other services.

While some are hesitant towards Robots, A.I. and associated technologies I think we should embrace them. From exoskeletons helping workers lift safely, helping the elderly and infirmed walk independently to enabling the physically challenged walk again. To robots working the land, in factories and with emergency services in dangerous environments. All the way to autonomous vehicles. I feel the best is yet to come!

The future is ours.

My goal is to help facilitate in some way a transition into a utopia that I think is available to us. This site is a way for you to explore and experience all that the future has to offer in robotics and other labour-saving technologies.


All the best,


Paul Longva.



13 thoughts on “About Paul.

  1. Hello Paul, this was a very interesting article to read. I have seen a floor robot before, they are for sale at target. It would be nice to have some of these robots due to our busy schedule. Technology seems to get better and better overtime. Thanks again, and I wish you the best of luck with your site!!

  2. Paul, what an amazing post! I had no idea that there was so much technology out there that is becoming embedded within our domestic life that are able to to give a helping hand!!
    Although myself, I find technology can be a little painful at times, like when the battery is flat or the internet isn’t working or a power shortage. We become so reliant on technology that when it goes down the level of stress can be crazy!! 😛 I could do with an extra hand in the kitchen though so those arms look like a great idea! Do you know if anyone has created a machine that can fold the laundry yet? That would be a life saver!!

    1. Being a single person with very little laundry, I actually never thought about this, however, now that you’ve brought this to my attention I shall investigate further.

    2. Hi Nicole, great news on your laundry robot, as near as I can decern it’s due for release early 2019 for around $USD900

  3. Great post.
    Robotics really amaze me today but scare me at the same time to think about the future. You noted you were born in 19550’s, so im sure you have witnessed a lot of technological changes from 1950s up to date.
    So it excites and scares me to think about the robotics future 50 years from now.
    Have a great day.

    1. Thanks, Che,
      The more I learn about robotics the less fearful I get, most of our fear comes from movies and the mainstream media and I learned not to trust either a long time ago.

  4. Hello Paul,
    I love this site! Great info! I knew technology was going full blast, but some of these I’ve never heard of. I love the “Floor Cleaning Robot” idea! I hate to clean my floors as well. “I have cats!”
    Thanks for sharing! I will be back for future reads.

    Best of luck,

    1. Thanks, Tina,
      Of course, the numbers will only increase, as I found out yesterday when I came across a laundry robot due for release early 2019.

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