Domestic Robots for Sale – Rosie has some competition.

The Jetson’s had a robot (Rosie) to do their house chores for them. While today’s domestic robots for sale don’t have Rosie’s personality they do however have the ability to do the chores. Along with giving the cat a ride around the room, we have floor cleaners that vacuum when one isn’t there, we have hard floor cleaners (wet & dry). There are robotic pool cleaners and even robotic lawn mowers, personal robots for helping and interaction and not forgetting to mention window cleaners.

Interactive Personal Home Robot.

There is a reason why I put this element first. I think that of all the domestic robots for sale the interactive personal robot has the scope for the greatest change to our home life. Listed below are some of the reasons why I think this is the case.

  • Educational, we all want our children to be the smartest they can be. Through interactive learning programmes, education will be fun and complementary to our children’s formal education.
  • Information Hub, whether it be recipes, dress style, schedule reminders or aspects like helpful instructional videos, your interactive personal robot has it covered.
  • Home security, when the household is asleep one can have an electronic presence maintaining a close eye on the home. Once one leaves the house it’s good to know what is going on, with your interactive personal robot one can have a live video feed to your personal mobile device of the security of one’s home.
  • Monitoring, You may have older independent family members that can now have a personal assistant to maintain that independence while giving you a peace of mind that should anything happen you would be notified immediately.
  • Overall I can see the interactive personal robot enhancing our domestic environment.

Floor Cleaners.

When, you, think about it floors are one of the dirtiest places in the home. Each day we bring the outdoors into our home via the soles of our shoes. Even while a lot of households nowadays have a leave the shoes at the door policy, you know somehow the floor still accumulates a lot of foreign material, from dust to dirt to pet hair.

I don’t know about you, however, I hate cleaning floors, from allocating the time needed, to moving the furniture around and to get into those hard to reach spots. Then once the floor is mopped you can’t walk on it until it’s dry, so you leave the house for an hour or so while it dries, or one could come home to a nice clean floor that has been vacuumed or washed while one is at work, knowing that a part of your weekend has been freed up to concentrate on other tasks.


Pool Cleaners.

Let’s take a step back in time. I remember when we got our first swimming pool. We felt like we were moving up in the world. It was an above ground pool with aluminium walls and lined with a huge plastic liner. I feel lucky now that my father didn’t trust me with the chemicals or the cleaning of the pool. I just got the bag on the end of a long pole out occasionally to scoop out the leaves and other debris. From that time until even nowadays all I seem to hear is that it’s just work, work, work to keep them clean and at the correct pH level. Chemical/salt management has certainly come a long way and pool cleaners are like chalk and cheese compared to the old methods. From budget to premium models your robotic pool cleaner has you covered.

Lawn mowing robots.

Let’s get this straight, I have never liked lawn mowing. I don’t know if it comes from when I was a kid and we had a heavy push powered lawn mower or if it was just the clean up beforehand and after or the amount of time it took out of my day. I have now changed my attitude towards lawn mowing, in fact, I love it! I love it so much that I would gladly do it every day if the grass grew that fast, since now we have lawn mowing domestic robots for sale that will mow your lawn whilst one is doing other chores or even leisure activities. From the small easy to manage lawn to the 1/2 acre plus expanse, there is a robotic lawnmower to fulfil every mans dreams.

Window Cleaning Robots.

I’m not sure that I mentioned this, however, one can get window cleaning domestic robots. These can be especially helpful if one has large expanses of glass windows, apartment buildings, mirrors or other smooth gloss surfaces. Just as there are many differing window types, there are different types of robotic window cleaners. In bygone days we had small window panes set in wooden frames with putty held mullions. These days we have large glass panels that may have mullion joints or even frameless joints. With the advent of robotic window cleaners, I don’t think it will be too long before the humble squeegee is permanently consigned to the recycle bin.


Robots in the Kitchen.

From the humble dishwashing machine/robot to what will become without a doubt my favourite robot, the Robot Kitchen (Master Chef I am not). With the advances in multi-directional joint arms, now up to seven, it is now possible to recreate all the dexterity of the human arm with robotics. We can then apply this with software to create the Robot Kitchen, this awesome machine can prep, cook and clean-up after itself, what’s not to love?


Getting One’s House in Order.

Hollywood has shown us many concepts of domestic humanoid robots, as we can see the only domestic robot for sale that comes close to this is the interactive personal robot. While I don’t think we shall ever have the types of humanoids that we see in films in the home (never say never) I see robots becoming an integral part of our home life in the future, by not only making our life easier but also enhancing our lifestyle.


7 thoughts on “Domestic Robots for Sale – Rosie has some competition.

  1. I have always thought the idea of living with robots is pretty awesome. Over the years we have seen technology increase very quickly. For instance, look at cell phones. Look how quickly they have advanced in 10 years. Now, you can use it like a computer.

    I think the idea of a robot that mows is pretty cool. However, I do wonder how they could go wrong. I mean there is a spinning blade on it. It could run into kids playing, animals, etc.

    1. Hi, Garen, these mowers are meant to be used regularly, hence they are a lot less powerful than your “normal” lawnmower, they also have a lot of built-in safety features like most floor cleaners they have bump sensors and if one is picked up then it will shut down.

  2. Robot lawn mowers are a bit different to your traditional lawn mower. They are designed to cut more often, thus they don’t have the same size or torque in the motor, along with this they have built-in sensors, bump functions and if lifted they shut down.

  3. I had no idea there are so many options in making your life easier with a robot in your house – I presume my grandchildren could have most of them in their homes. The only one I have is the floor cleaner, and I’m very satisfied with it.

  4. Wow… when you mention all the different types of robots out there you really begin to understand how rapidly technology is changing our lives. Not only that but also how we are already beginning to not even notice how these robots are increasing in popularity on a daily basis. I hate mowing and have thought about getting on of the lawn mowers… that is if my dogs can tolerate it!

    1. Hi Nathan,
      There is a lot out there and it’s on the increase, Toyota, Honda and some serious startups are really developing some awesome machines.

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